Our Services


An aerial on a roofWe supply and install all types of HD-compatible aerials, amplifiers, masts, brackets to suit every different location. From high gain aerials to a coax plug we have everything you need if you wish to do your own installation. Alternatively our Aerial installation engineers will provide and install quality digital systems in your home or business to ensure the best quality of reception is experienced by you the customer.

Only the best and most reliable equipment is used and all of our installations come with a full 12 month parts and labour guarantee. So whether you want a small extension lead to a kitchen or conservatory to television reception in all rooms in the home, we can do it all. We offer free local estimates on all of our aerials.


We install all Sky and Sky+ systems to order, making sure that all installations are situated in the most discreet place possible. Height is no issue for our team, so unlike some providers who will not go above a certain heights, we do our best to ensure a clean and tidy installation.


Digital TV offers a far better TV viewing experience than the old analogue system (the five channels you get via your standard TV aerial). With Digital TV, you get loads of extra channels, and the newer technology helps to reduce the interference that you may have experienced on analogue TV.

Digital TV also offers other benefits including a greater selection of wide-screen programming, an on-screen electronic programme guide to help you to choose what you watch and the interactive "red button" services. Optionally, you can also go for High Definition, for amazing picture quality.


During the past year we have seen the rise of freesat in the marketplace. This is a satellite dish and receiver that enables customers in very poor signal areas to receive all the freeview channels via a satellite signal. Additionally, some of these channels are transmitted in HD for the benefit of those customers who have purchased a HD compatible TV.